Write a Simple Letter (Word Document)

30 Sep

Your Job:

*Write a friendly letter to me.

       So you need to know:

       *How to open a new word document.

        *How to type

        *How to print


1. Open a new Libre Office Writer document. You will find the icon on your desktop screen. Double click it once and be patient, it takes a minute to open.

2. I started a letter for you, finish it with your own words. Type your letter as close as you can to the one I give you. Make yours like the one I give you with the date on top, in the middle of the line.

Digital version of letter start click here

Look at the guide, “how to type” if you do not know how to put the date in the middle.

3. Print your letter and give it to Mr. Litt. Click “File” on the top menu bar, then click “Print” to print.

Digital version of keyboard guide image click here


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