Listening, Understanding and Writing a Response

29 Nov

Learning Goals:

*Use a podcast website to listen to an interview.

*Show understanding of reading in writing.


1. Keyboard for 10 minutes first. Keyboarding page click here.

You are going to listen to an interview. To understand what is being said, sometimes you have to listen more than once. When you listen, you will see a “cursor” you can move to hear a part of the interview over. Listen to some of it more than once.

2. Have the reading questions in front of you. Read them first before you listen to the podcast.

3. Listen to the podcast and answer questions.

Click here to get to the podcast

Answer them at the end, or pause the podcast and answer the questions as you listen.

Hand them to me when you are done and you may go to the “What you can do when you are done” section.

Digital version of questions click here.


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