Being Online: What’s OK and What’s not?

7 Feb

Today’s Learning Goal:

Cyber bullying2013-02-05-101846_1440x900_scrot

1. READ THIS: “Cyberbullying” is when a child is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed on the Internet. This includes cell phones and texting!

It has to have a minor (someone under 18) doing it or at least have been started by a minor. Other wise its called “online harassment”, which is against the law and is serious!

2. DO THIS: Watch this presentation to learn some more: Presentation click here.

3. DO THIS: Take the cyberbullying quiz and see how you rate! I am giving you a paper one to track your answers, but you can click here for the online version.

Digital version of quiz in doc form click here

4. READ THIS: Now, reflect…..

We learned that someone who harasses, embarasses or threatens a person on the internet or in a text message is called a CYBERBULLY.

We also learned that cyberbullying can take many many forms that sometimes do not seem like bullying.


DO THIS: write answers to the questions I ask you on the reflection sheet I give you.

Digital version of reflection sheet click here.


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