Computer Academy Task #1: Spreadsheet introduction

1 Mar

Your Job: Your class raised money by selling candy. you need to add the total on a spreadsheet and make a graph.Screenshot-10

Skills learned and checked for passing:

*Downloading and opening a spreadsheet

*Putting in math formulas to get totals

*Making and placing a graph on the spreadsheet so it is print ready.


1. Listen to a short podcast first. Click here to go to the podcast.

2. Download the spreadsheet by clicking here. Come back to the directions after you opened it.

3. Add the total amount of money made (in the E column and the J column). Do this by putting in an addition math formula. USE THE GUIDE TO HELP YOU!

For the future, digital version of guide click here.

4. Use your guide and make two separate graphs about the two days of candy sales. Make graphs from the columns of money totals (column E and column J). AGAIN, USE THE GUIDE TO HELP YOU!

5. Save the file to the documents folder with your name and show it to Mr. Litt for check off. IF YOU CLICK IT OFF WITHOUT SHOWING IT YOU WILL GET NO CREDIT.


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