Computer Academy Task #2

1 Apr

Your Job: Use the spreadsheet as a calculator and find the totals for 4 imagesdays of candy sales AND the grand total (all 4 days added together). 

Put these totals on deposit slips for the bank on the correct day.

Learning Goals:

*Use guides to complete a computer task.

*Check for mistakes, be precise.


1. Listen to the podcast to get you ready. Podcast site click here.

2. Download the spread sheet by clicking here.

3. Add the totals for each day of candy sales for the school. USE THE GUIDE PROVIDED TO HELP YOU.

Digital version of guide here for the future.

4. Fill out  the paper deposit slips I give you with the totals you got from the spreadsheet. MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE RIGHT AMOUNT FOR THE RIGHT DATE.

Digital version of paper deposit slip in .ppt form

5. Show me the spreadsheet on your computer and give me the paper deposit slip. NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU CLICK YOUR SPREADSHEET OFF.


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